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You know meditation is good for you.

Meditation makes you feel peaceful and it helps you to let go of stress induced hormones which can lead to ill health.

Meditation helps to clear your mind and chill out so the world makes a bit more sense again

You might have found meditation difficult in the past but I have some wonderful techniques that make it easy.

You may think you do not have the time for meditation, I can help you with that too.

If you learn and practice Transcend in Meditation you will be more efficient and have the edge over competition.

You will be relaxed as well as more efficient.

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Seriously, in today's world you need meditation. It makes you feel good so what is the problem?

Do you have trouble clearing your mind so that you can relax?

You know you are stressed and need to do something.

What if 15 minutes, twice a day changed your life?

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Transcend in Meditation - 4 Week Private Course $400.00

Group Courses are also available from time to time at a cost of $180.00

Telephone Hazel on 0438 318 180


Testimonial: I am so glad I did the Transcend in Meditation Course with Hazel, it is amazing.  Although I have practiced other types of meditation the effects of this meditation are quite dramatic and I began to experience the effects from day one.  After eight weeks I felt stronger, more centred and confident. Old issues I had carried around for years began to rise to the surface but with a sense that they were releasing and healing. Each week I got lighter and lighter and felt happier too. I look forward to meditation now because it is changing my life for the better.  The best part is the whole process has been easy, apart from meditating I didn’t have to do a thing to find the inner me.  Dianne in Cairns

Testimonial:  Meditation has without a doubt been the most life changing modality I have learnt, practised and experienced.

Hazel has been a fabulous teacher of Astrology for me since 2007 and in 2009 Hazel suggested Transcending Meditation would be good for my anxiety.  I'd like to say I have led quite a spiritual path and being 'connected' is natural for me being in Natural Therapies most of my life in one way or another.  BUT this is different. Of course meditation does all the things they say in the books ie; brings you into the moment etc.  although on a more practical level Transcending Meditation simply makes life easier - things just 'happen'.  It is the first time I have not had to understand the workings behind it all, just accepted that I am more productive and effective with transcending meditation in my life.  15mins, twice per day - LIFE CHANGING!!!

Joanne Evans Bedwell 
Owner/Creator 10 knots and 
Remedial Massage Therapist 14yrs

I teach many meditation techniques and will create a meditation plan just for you. People are not all the same so why should they meditate or exercise the same way. Some of my meditation techniques include deep breathing exercises which create a state of bliss and relaxation while other techniques, such as Transcend in Meditation, creates bliss in its own unique way as it takes your brain through Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta waves and gives you an all day, long lasting sense of wellbeing. Transcend in Meditation makes your whole life better and it is easy to master and practice.

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Feel Good naturally, all day every day

Anything but Ordinary Group meditations and private lessons
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Hazel Leung Meditation in Cairns anxiety, stress, depression

In 1986 was lucky enough to take a yoga course with Sophie Brandjes, whom, it turned out, was a bit of a yoga guru back then. It was hatha yoga which was based on the breath and the meditation afterwards always had us giggling our heads off with pure bliss. Since then I have studied and practiced many forms of meditation and began teaching others in 1994.

I believe meditation can help most people and have several techniques which help to make meditation easier and more effective. My technique Transcending Meditation is very simple and also great for time poor people as it takes just 15 to 20 minutes and can be practiced pretty well everywhere.

As well as developing greater mindfulness and tranquility you will also receive personal insights which will help you to make your life better.


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